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Use Evernote to make connections while networking. The paid for version allows to to capture business cards, convert to text for the contact info, and send a “Nice To Meet You” email, and make a LinkedIn Connection.

Only $8 per Month


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Nimble is an affordable yet powerful CRM (Customer Relationship Manager), that integrates with G-Suites, Office 365, IMAP email, and various social media programs. It helps you grow relationships, monitor interactions and acts as a launchpad for integrated marketing campaigns

Only $20 per Month


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Crystal is a web based too that integrates with LinkedIn through a Chrome Browser extension. It allows you to access public domain versions of the DISC personality profile system. You can gain emotional intelligence for interactions both online and in person that can help you communicate more effectively with sales prospects.

Only $29 per Month



366º is an integrated lead generation, email drip marketing campaign, and social media scheduling and distribution platform. It and works directly with Nimble and SalesForce to bring automated, email drip campaigns to your CRM. You can actively monitor interactions and actions taken by people your are trying to establish better sales and business relationships with.

Only $49 per Month

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